Microsoft unveils Copilot+ PCs with generative AI capabilities baked in

We’ve been hearing rumblings for months now Microsoft was working on the said “AI computers.” Horse an event prior to establishment, the company announced its vision for artificial computers.

Microsoft is calling its version of what CEO Satya Nadella describes as “a new class of Windows PCs” Copilot+ PCs. These include the equipment provided drive more generative AI Copilot processes locally, rather than relying on the cloud. This requires a chipset with a neural processor (NPU), and manufacturers like Qualcomm are laying the groundwork with chips. Snapdragon X Elite.

Microsoft is taking a partner-first approach to manufacturing Copilot+ PCs. Along with chip makers like AMD, Intel and Qualcomm, there are major OEMs including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft EVP and general manager of consumer marketing, said during the event that the company is completely reimagining what a Windows PC is. He claimed that the Copilot+ computers are the most powerful computers ever (we’ll have to see if that claim holds up in real-world testing). Still, first-generation laptops are “incredibly thin, light and beautiful,” according to Mehdi.

Other AI computers on the market (tera operations per second). To be called a Copilot+ PC, a system must deliver at least TOP 40 NPU performance. Mehdi also suggested that Copilot+ computers are 58 percent faster than the M3-powered MacBook Air (although Apple’s laptops have more powerful M3 chips, and M4 chips are coming soon).


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