Apple will reportedly unveil a genre-defining calculator app at WWDC 2024

Apple’s calculator for Macs serves its purpose very well, but it’s reportedly getting a massive update with macOS 15, turning it into a note-taking, currency-converting hybrid app. To begin with, AppleInsider said the calculator will receive a design overhaul that replaces the number boxes with round buttons. You’ll even be able to resize the calculator. If you zoom it out, the round buttons stretch and become pill-shaped, although if you zoom the calculator back out, they return to their original shape.

A new history feed that you can access with the click of a button will show you past calculations, so if you’re working with a lot of data and need to see a trend or something to track, you no longer have to record it. information you have processed so far. You’ll be able to see the bar no matter what mode the calculator is in, even if it’s in scientific or programmer mode, not just basic mode. The updated app will also likely come with Notes integration, which will make it easier to create notes with math notes, similar to competing products like Microsoft’s OneNote. Finally, the new calculator will make it easier to work with numbers in different currencies by incorporating a conversion tool into the user interface. You don’t have to access the tool through a drop-down menu every time you want to see how much a certain amount is in another currency.

according to AppleInsiderthe company is expected to unveil these and other features for iOS 18 and macOS 15 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. takes place in June this year.

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