Microsoft Paint is getting an AI-powered image generator that responds to your text prompts and doodles

Microsoft Paint is gaining new image creation powers with a new tool called Cocreator. Cocreator is powered by “diffusion-based algorithms”. based on text prompts as well as your own doodles in Paint.

The company has been experimenting with AI image creation in Paint for some time, and the first versions of Cocreator have been available to developers and Windows Insiders since the fall. But with the presentation the feature is now official.

During a demo at its Surface event, the company demonstrated how Cocreator combines your own drawings with text prompts to create an image. There’s also a “creativity slider” that lets you control how much you want the AI ​​to capture compared to your original art. As Microsoft notes, the combination of text prompts and your own brushstrokes allows for faster editing. It can also help provide more accurate rendering than you can get with DALL-E or another text-to-image generator.

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