Google announced an update for Android Auto with new apps and casting support

Google recently announced An update is coming to Android for cars this should make it a little harder to focus on the road. The car-based operating system is getting new apps, screencasting and more revealed at Google I/O 2024.

First up, select car models get a suite of new entertainment apps like Max and Peacock to keep passengers engaged during road trips. The company hasn’t revealed which makes and models are getting this particular update, and there are dozens of major car models that use this platform. Still, more entertainment options are never a bad thing.

It gets Android Auto for that purpose Angry birds, for those who want to play another game while stuck in traffic. The once iconic bird jumping simulator is probably the most popular game IP on the platform, as Android Auto’s other games include the likes of: Close the UFO and Zoo Boom.

Android Automotive OS cars are getting Google Cast as part of an upcoming update that will allow users to stream content from phones and tablets. Rivian models will be the first to get this feature, with more manufacturers to follow.

Google is also introducing new developer tools to make it easier for people to create new apps and experiences for Android Auto. There’s even a new app that makes it easy to turn pre-existing mobile apps into car-ready experiences.

Android Auto is becoming the de facto standard when it comes to car-based operating systems. Google also used the event to announce that there are now more than 200 million cars on the road compatible with the OS. Recent updates to the platform allow users to Check EV battery levels instantly and Take Zoom calls on the go.

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