Two of our top Anker power banks are back on sale at all-time low prices

Here are some of the best and brightest Anker power banks On sale through Amazon and directly from the company. These deals include the 20,000 mAh Prime portable charger, which drops to $90 from its regular price of $130. That is 31 percent discount and matching the previous record.


Anker products are sold out our list of the best power banks, and we named the Prime charger the best ultra-premium product on the market. Unfortunately, ultra-premium also means ultra-expensive, although $90 is a lot better than $130.

As power banks don’t tend to turn heads, we were impressed with the sleek aesthetics. The body is a nice polished textured metal plastic. There is a built-in screen and rounded corners, all of which give the bank a luxurious feel. The display is useful, showing the remaining charge in the battery and the watts flowing into each device. Charge times and capacity were in line with other 20K batteries we tested.

It’s easy to use, which is made even easier if people join the companionship base. The base includes magnets to fix the pins, so users can simply slide the battery down and move on. The base offers additional ports, one USB-A and two USB-C, making the whole package a pretty decent powerhouse. However, the base costs $70 and is currently not for sale.

We’ve noticed that the Prime charger can be slow to wake up, which isn’t a big deal. The elegant and glossy surface of the power bank also tends to pick up fingerprints. It has a faux suede pouch to carry it, which is a nice touch.

Anker Nano Battery also sells for $16 with the coupon on the page for $14 off the device’s list price. This cute little thing has a foldable USB-C connector for better integration with smartphones. He has also compiled a list of the best power banks and we heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to partially charge their Android device quickly.

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