Google teases new camera-powered AI feature one day ahead of I/O

Google is unveiling an exciting new AI feature a day ahead of its I/O developer conference. The company shared a short video on the X showing off a new camera-powered AI feature that can recognize what’s in the frame in real-time.

Labeled as a “prototype,” the video shows what appears to be a Pixel device with its camera open facing the main stage at I/O. The person holding the camera asks, “Hey, what do you think is going on here?”

A voice replies, “it looks like people are getting ready for a big event, maybe a conference or a presentation.” It can also identify that the letters “IO” are connected to Google’s developer conference and mentions “new advances in artificial intelligence”. A text transcript appears on the screen as the two voices go back and forth.

It’s not entirely clear what this feature is, though it bears some similarities to the company’s Google Lens. search feature. However, the ones shown in the teaser video work in real-time and respond very similarly to voice commands. In Meta’s smart glasses. It’s also interesting to see the demo on a Pixel device, as Google often releases new AI-powered features on the Pixel series first.

While it’s somewhat unusual for Google to preview one of its announcements so soon before its debut, it’s no coincidence that the company immediately dropped the video as OpenAI demonstrated similar capabilities with its new GPT-4o model during a live event. We don’t have long to wait to get the full details on whatever Google has in store. Google I/O It kicks off tomorrow, May 14, and Engadget will be covering the keynote live from Mountain View.

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