Pre-orders for Ghost of Tsushima on PC are being canceled in countries without PSN access

People who pre-ordered the PC port Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut This weekend, it was reported that purchases in countries without access to the PlayStation Network (PSN) were canceled and automatically refunded. Steam, Green Man Gaming, and the Epic Games Store are all canceling these orders, reports. Developer Sucker Punch A PSN account will only be needed for the game’s multiplayer mode, and the single-player campaign can be played without it. But here we are – and a few days later happened last week.

according to Eurogamer, An email was sent to people in the affected territories informing them that their orders had been refunded and saying, “The publisher of this game now requires a secondary account to play parts of this game – and this account cannot be created from your country.” Before that, Nightmare of Tsushima Removed from Steam in over 170 countries without PSN, and other institutions released information. Sony has yet to say anything about the whole debacle. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut It is scheduled to release on Thursday for PC.

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