Apple just dropped a mysterious trailer for its latest sci-fi series Constellation

Apple just released a trailer for it Horoscope. The series follows an astronaut played by Noomi Rapace after an emergency return to Earth. However, Homecoming is filled with mysterious happenings and downright sci-fi weirdness, leaving viewers wondering what the hell is going on there.

We don’t know exactly what kind of science fiction this is. There are hints that this could be a multi-part story, something that comes out of it Like the Mandela effect. There are also hints that the Rapace was toyed with by alien intelligence. There are clues that point to Rapas himself being an alien intelligence. Either way, the show premieres on February 21 with three episodes, with new entries every Wednesday.

Along with Rapace, Horoscope star Jonathan Banks A bad break television universe, James D’Arcy, Julian Looman, William Catlett and Barbara Sukowa. The show was created by Peter Harness, who wrote a bunch Doctor Who directed by Michelle Maclaren, who has a fantastic expertise in genre TV, and directed episodes of the series. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Westworld and going way back, X files.

Judging by the footage above, it’s going to be a trippy show. It’s also nice that Apple released trailers in HDR, so they’ll really be paying attention to that if you have more disposable income than Scrooge McDuck on tax return day.

Apple TV+ and science fiction go together like peanut butter and cosmic jelly. Streamer has quietly become a de facto source for science fiction television. there is For All Humanity, which just ended and Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters, which just The streamer also recently aired its first season silo, Based on the books of Hugh Howey and the second season Invasion.

But wait, there’s more. Apple TV+ is home to the blockbuster hit Get fired and a loose adaptation of Isaac Asimov Foundation book series. Both plays have been updated. In addition, there is Hello Tomorrow, Extrapolations, Dr. Brain and See. Even shows that don’t seem like science fiction Schmigadoon and The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, there are otherworldly elements. Apple loves itself some science fiction. I agree with that. The real world is boring and dumb.

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