Ugh, Max subscription prices might be going up again

Yours cable the streaming bill may rise again. Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) is reportedly planning the next price increase . It did not say how much WBD will increase the subscription. The cheapest ad-free plan is currently $16 per month after a $1 increase . WBD is said to be targeting $1 billion in revenue from Max and Discovery+ next year.

We may find out about any Max price increase on Thursday. That’s when WBD will announce its earnings for the first three months of the year.

The price increase could be part of WBD’s seemingly never-ending cost-cutting program. As part of this, there may be more cuts. Over the past year, the company has fired more than 2,000 people and eliminated their positions.

Very shortly after WBD was formed in 2022 a Between WarnerMedia and Discovery, CEO David Zazlav has gone into extreme cost-cutting mode as the company is saddled with more than $50 billion in debt. The company quickly , , , Max and shelved completed or nearly finished films in favor of tax breaks.

Zazlav has reduced WBD’s debt burden by about $10 billion so far Bloomberg. However, its decisions have angered creatives and many fans, such as those who have demanded that the company drop the critically acclaimed live-action Looney Tunes movie. instead of canning for a tax deduction.

coincidentally, Diversity published its list on Wednesday For 2023. Zazlav’s compensation is said to have increased by 26.5 percent to $49.7 million. That’s about 290 times more than the average WBD employee makes.

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