Meta is expanding its paid verification service for businesses

By adding meta, it expands the paid verification service for businesses three new ones level of the program that offers additional benefits to companies willing to pay a monthly subscription. The company has begun testing a service called Meta Verified with businesses after implementing paid verification for individuals.

With new plans coming first to Australia and New Zealand, it offers a wider range of services to business owners who rely on the Meta platform. Under the new structure, the basic “standard” plan is $14.99 per month. It offers a verification badge, higher search rankings, anti-spoofing, the ability to add links to images, and access to customer support. (Each subscription includes a Facebook or Instagram account, with the app expected to roll out to WhatsApp “soon.”)

While this base plan is now the same price for businesses as it is for individuals, companies will pay a hefty premium for the added benefits. There are three additional tiers for business owners: a $44.99 per month “plus” plan, a $119.99 “premium” plan, and a $349.99 per month “maximum” plan. Each of these includes extras such as the ability to add links to Reels posts, fast-track customer support, and more profile customization options.

Meta adds new benefits (and prices) to paid verification for business.Meta adds new benefits (and prices) to paid verification for business.


The most expensive plan also extends impersonation protection to up to five employees and provides additional customer service benefits. This will include a semi-annual “account review,” which will include “personalized guidance on their content strategy.” And it allows account holders to request a phone call from a Meta customer service representative for assistance with account issues and other issues.

During a briefing with reporters, Pratiti Raychoudhury, Meta’s vice president of new monetization practices, said the expansion of Meta Verified is designed to “meet businesses where they are on their journey across our apps.” He said Meta will continue to change its offerings as more companies sign up for the review.

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