Here’s what the long-rumored Sonos wireless headphones will look like

Bloomberg In February, Sonos’ rumors for a long time and long awaited headphones It goes down in June, a month later than the company originally planned, due to a software issue. While Sonos itself has yet to reveal details about the device, its Dutch authorized dealer has Shuurman It seems that he has already published information and images of the headphones. There is a Redditor in the Sonos group discovered Schuurman’s lists (via The Verge) after someone else found out that the wireless headphones will officially be called the Sonos Ace.

A pair of headphones, wireless and carrying case.A pair of headphones, wireless and carrying case.


Based on the images, the Ace device package will come with headphones, some cables and a carrying case. It looks like the headphones themselves will have buttons and a toggle switch on the earcups of the device. The images are pretty low-quality, so we can’t comment on how premium the model looks, but it looks like the device will be a pair of over-ear headphones. Schuurman listed the device bundle for €403.58 ($435), which is close to $449. Bloomberg mentioned in the previous report.

As the news organization said at the time, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence hoped the launch of a new device category could help the company known for its speakers and soundbars grow after years of sluggish sales. The upcoming Ace headphones are said to be designed to work with the company’s existing devices and will be able to stream audio directly from TVs and music streaming services using built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Bloomberg Sonos also said it is exploring the possibility of releasing an in-ear model in the future to compete with Apple’s AirPods and other similar products.

Screenshot of the Schuurman website.Screenshot of the Schuurman website.


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