Hades II is now available in early access on PC

Hades II now available in Early Access for PC players. Supergiant Games after technical testing from April 16 to 29 he said Early Access for the “enchanted sequel” will follow “relatively soon.” The developer has kept its word, as a week after completing the initial testing, PC gamers can now purchase and play the highly anticipated roguelike title for $30.

Hades II based on themes and gameplay popular 2020 original. This installment introduces a new protagonist, Melinoë, the sister of Zagreus, the hero of the original game. Creative Director Greg Kasavin and Studio Director Amir Rao clarified this no need to play the first game or you know Greek mythology well enough to enjoy it. (However, the creative team sprinkled in “delicious references” for those still in the know.)

The sequel’s plot revolves around fighting a time-controlling rapscallion. “Chronos, the Titan of Time and evil father of Hades and his brothers, has escaped his imprisonment deep in the Underworld to wage war on Olympus,” says Supergiant. “Can time itself be stopped?”

The game’s creators said they wanted to last year Hades IIat least the early access period to have as much content as the original when it hits beta in 2018. Hades II It’s worth your time when you can play it at any power,” the studio said in 2023.

You can play Hades II about Steam and Epic Store For $30. The game will eventually launch on consoles, but for now, PlayStation and Xbox players will have to switch to PC or wait.

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