Audible is testing book recommendations based on your Prime Video habits

Audible is testing a new category of book recommendations based on what a user has recently watched on Prime Video. Which, as the name suggests, will show you audiobooks based on what you’ve watched on the Amazon-owned service. TechCrunch reports.

The new carousel should appear on Amazon Prime Video and mobile and web apps for about half of users It sounds subscriptions. You can see simple recommendations such as titles with the book or storylines or authors the movie you’re watching is based on.

Audible claims the decision is due to the increase users have seen in access to titles that have recently been streamed as shows or movies. “There’s a natural synergy between TV, movies and books, and we see that clearly in how our customers engage with content on Audible,” said Andy Tsao, Audible’s senior director of product and analytics. The company gives examples Reachercoming out Amazon Prime in 2022. Audible claims that listeners of author Lee Child’s books have increased by almost 80 percent daily in the two weeks since publication.

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