Yahoo bought AI-powered news app Artifact from Instagram’s co-founders

got it news gathering and recommendation software co-founders. The application will no longer function as a standalone service. Yahoo will add Artifact’s AI personalization technology and other features to products including Yahoo News in the coming months.

The terms of the deal, which was closed last week, were not disclosed. Artifact founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger will advise Yahoo (Engadget’s parent company) during the transition.

“AI has enabled us to provide a better experience for users to discover the great content they care about,” said Artifact CEO Systrom. “Yahoo recognizes this opportunity, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what we build live through Yahoo News.”

Artifact and it’s picked up some steam thanks to a robust discovery system that uncovers the stories users want to read (which delivered me a nice mix of gaming, breaking news, and architecture stories). The app aims to improve its personalized news feed over time. It did an effective job of this while incorporating other AI-powered features like news summaries.

However, the app did not take off in the same way as Instagram. While the team behind it profiles, comment voting, etc. as, Artifact did not find a large enough audience. Systrom and Krieger announced their plans In January, but the couple actually by themselves for a while until they sell it.

Yahoo has acquired Summly, another app that uses artificial intelligence to summarize news. . Similarly, it closed the program and folded the technology behind Summly .

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