Some Apple users say they’ve been mysteriously locked out of their accounts

There’s something about Apple ID this weekend. As reported 9-5Mac, Apple users began complaining online last night that they were being logged out of their Apple IDs on all their devices without explanation. After trying to log in again, some say they can’t access their account despite entering the correct details and need to reset their password. Engadget has reached out to Apple for more information.

Apple hasn’t said anything public about what’s going on, and its System Status page doesn’t show any problems with Apple ID or any other systems in the last 24 hours. One Mastodon noted by The Verge, one person told Apple Support that they only “occasionally have random security updates added to your account.” It’s unclear how many users have been affected, though people have taken to social media threads about the problem to say they’ve also experienced it. according to 9-5Macsome of the publication’s own team faced problems.

Although the issue appeared to have escalated on Friday night, there have been sporadic reports of similar problems in the recent past. Posted by software developer Michael Tsai blog post about the latest incident and referred to a time last fall when the same thing happened.

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