Apple has reportedly resumed talks with OpenAI to build a chatbot for the iPhone

Apple has resumed talks with ChatGPT maker OpenAI to power some of the AI ​​features coming to iOS 18. new report in Bloomberg. Apple is also building its own big language models to power some iOS 18 features, but its talks with OpenAI are centered around a “chatbot/search component.” according to for Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman.

Apple too is said to be in negotiations Together with Google, it will license Gemini, Google’s AI-powered chatbot, for iOS 18. Those talks are still ongoing, Bloomberg reports, and since Apple hasn’t made a final decision on which company’s technology it will use, things could still go on. Gurman says Apple could eventually license AI technology from both companies, or neither.

While the rest of Silicon Valley has entered an AI arms race, Apple has so far remained largely silent on its AI efforts. But he left enough clues to indicate that he was cooking something. When the company announced earnings in February, CEO Tim Cook he said Apple continues to work and invest in artificial intelligence, he said, and is “excited to share details of our ongoing work in this area later this year.” He claimed it was brand new M3 MacBook Air It was and will be “the world’s best consumer laptop for AI” when it launched last month it is reported that it has started to be released AI-centric laptops and desktops later this year. And earlier this week, Apple was also released several large open source language models designed to run natively on devices rather than in the cloud.

It’s still unclear what Apple’s AI features will look like on the iPhone and other devices. Generative AI is still unreliable and prone to feedback. The latest AI-powered gadgets like the Humane Ai Pin have been released disastrous reviewsothers like it Rabbit R1 they have yet to prove their worth.

We will learn more here WWDC June 10.

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