Some of our favorite Bose headphones and earbuds are back to all-time low prices

Amazon has some of the top-rated Bose headphones on sale at record low prices. This includes Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones, best-in-class active noise cancellation (ANC). Regularly $429, the wireless cases are now just $379, matching their all-time lows.


Get industry-leading noise cancellation and surround sound for $50 off.

$379 on Amazon

Billy Steele of Engadget praised the headphones’ sound, ANC, and comfort in our review, but he also found them a bit pricey at standard retail, so this sale might be the right time to grab a pair. The headphones are comfortable for long listening sessions – with ample battery life. Although their “Immersive Audio” spatial listening mode is a bit hit or miss (and not for everyone), this feature pairs incredibly well with some tracks and genres. Headphones are our second choice Engadget’s guide to noise-canceling headphonese.

Battery life is impressive, and our review unit beat Bose’s claims of 24 hours with ANC enabled or 18 hours with ANC and Immersive Audio enabled. In Engadget’s test for the latter mode, the headphones still had 30 percent left after 20 hours of listening. They have a streamlined design with fewer physical navigation buttons than the standard QuietComfort variant, giving them a sleeker aesthetic. This includes metal on the headband and hinge (no visible screws).

There is also Amazon several other Bose products are on sale. Highly rated QuietComfort Ultra headphonesA compact in-ear form factor with similar features is available for $50 off ($249). They also include a spatial sound mode and have impressive ANC to block out your surroundings while working or leaving work. They’re our pick for the best noise cancellation Engadget’s wireless headphone buying guide.

If spatial audio algorithms aren’t your cup of tea, you can save $100 on the standard. Bose QuietComfort headphones. They also feature leading noise cancellation and high quality audio that lacks the illusion of sitting in the acoustic “Immersive Audio” sweet spot. They offer 24-hour battery life and multi-point connectivity for easy switching between multiple source devices.

Bose also has the same sale on their site, a good option if you have one No Amazon Prime. You can shoot fully sold for details.

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