Tesla makes its controversial Full Self-Driving software cheaper by $4,000

Tesla has lowered the price of its Full Self-Driving program in the US and Canada. According to a post from the company X, now costs $8,000 in the US (or $11,000 for Canadian buyers) to add Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability. That’s reportedly down from $12,000 (US$16,000) Electrek, which means Tesla is discontinuing the $6,000 Advanced Autopilot option. Current owners with this package can upgrade to the FSD for $2,000.

Tesla’s driver assistance features have been under scrutiny by regulators for years, and despite its name, Full Self-Driving isn’t designed to fully take over a human driver at this stage. Tesla notes on its website that existing FSD functions “require active driver control and do not render the vehicle autonomous. It is reported that the company submitted a mandate in March requires its employees to demonstrate to buyers So they can see what the software has to offer before they even take their new car home.

The latest price drop comes in a few days Tesla has reduced monthly costs His subscription to FSD, which he recently referred to as Fully Self-Driving (Supervised). The subscription, which was previously $199 per month, is now $99 per month. Tesla too The model reduced the initial values ​​of Y, X, and S cars this weekend $2000 each. Tesla announced this earlier this month Delivery of vehicles for the first quarter of 2024 It fell short of expectations, falling eight percent year-on-year.

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