Biden signs bill to reauthorize FISA warrantless surveillance program for two more years

President Biden this weekend A bill to reauthorize the controversial spying program under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Section 702 of FISA, which has already been extended for two years, authorizes the warrantless collection of intelligence on foreign targets. While its focus is on communications from targets outside the United States, it includes any exchange with people living in the state, meaning records of Americans can also be collected in these collections.

In the Senate, a vote was taken on the re-approval of Article 702. It was supposed to end at midnight on Friday, but was recently extended to April 2025. Don’t let it get lost while disagreements over the proposed amendments drag on. The extension period of Section 702 was also reduced to two years instead of the previous five years. Congress missed Friday’s deadline but passed by a 60-34 vote. informed. The White House released a statement shortly after saying the president would “sign the bill into law shortly.”

Section 702, first signed into law in 2008 and has been renewed twice, allows US intelligence agencies to use data from Internet and cell phone providers to monitor the communications of foreign targets without a warrant.

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