Tesla cuts Model Y, X and S prices in the US and says it’s ending the referral program

Another round of price cuts has knocked $2,000 off the starting prices of Tesla’s Model Y, Model X and Model S for US buyers. The company’s North American branch is located X The change was announced Friday night, along with Tesla waiving the benefits of its referral program in all markets. According to Tesla, “current referral program benefits will expire after April 30th.”

Tesla’s Model Y now starts at $42,990 for the rear-wheel-drive base model, $47,990 for the Model Y Long Range, or $51,490 for the Model Y Performance. The base Model S is down to $72,990, while the Model S Plaid starts at $87,990. Model X starts at $77,990 (base) or $92,990 (Plaid). The changes come during a difficult few weeks for the company Cybertrucks has issued a recall on possible problems with the gas pedal, It is reported that 10 percent of its employees were fired and reported a drop in shipments for the first quarter.

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