Massively co-op game 33 Immortals will have a closed beta at the end of May

33 Immortals It feels like a game that needs a lot of pre-release testing, and thankfully, the developers of Thunder Lotus are building to do just that. Closed beta after a smaller alpha test 33 Immortals It will start on May 24 and continue until June 2. Interested players can register to participate. Official site of the game.

Besides Dante’s Inferno-inspired scenery and retro-cartoon, unique shooting 33 Immortals is its raid size. The game features 33-player co-op with a cast of seven unique fighters, and each round lasts about 25 minutes. It’s always raids, and fallen players can be revived if another warrior takes the time to exorcise their spirit.

UK Bureau Chief Mat Smith held his hand 33 Immortals at Summer Game Fest 2023, and he saw the potential of Thunder Lotus’s idea, writing: “With so many enemies on screen, especially in the more difficult portal dungeons, it’s a lot of fun just spamming chaotically, helping the rest of you. the team finishes off bosses in the middle or picks off easier enemies from afar before coordinating their attacks.” And that was with only six players at a time – now add 27 more and that’s a major level of chaos for this game.

33 Immortals Later this year via Xbox, it will have early access to the Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X/S and PC, and it will be available on Game Pass.

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