EU criticizes Meta's 'privacy for cash' business model

The European Union does not believe that you should have to choose between giving your data or money to Meta and other major players. In the statement, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) informed about it "agree or pay" models are often absent "follow valid consent requirements" when a person has to choose between providing their data for behavioral advertising purposes or paying for privacy.

The EDPB argues that offering a paid-only alternative to data collection should not be the standard for large online platforms. He does not mandate, but emphasizes the need for these platforms "give important consideration" to provide a free option that does not involve data processing (or at least not that much). "Controllers must always be careful not to turn the fundamental right to data protection into a feature that individuals must pay to enjoy," EDPB Chairman Anu Talus said. "Individuals must be fully aware of the cost and consequences of their choices."

Currently, EU users must pay 10 euros ($11) a month for an ad-free subscription or be forced to share their data. The EU is already investigating if this system meets the requirements Digital Markets Actentered into force at the beginning of March.

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