Google’s wired Nest security camera is cheaper than ever

Google’s wired Nest security camera has dropped to its lowest price yet. The second generation device is for indoor use and is motion sensitive. Capable of recording 1080p HDR video. You can If you choose the smoke or canvas color, it’s $100, which is $30 off the regular price on Amazon, or 30 percent off. But if you go for the snow option, you can save a little more. Other or a 32 percent discount.


Google’s second-generation Nest wired security camera has dropped to its lowest price ever.

$70 on Amazon

Nest Cam uses artificial intelligence to distinguish between people, animals and vehicles. It can send you alerts through the Google Home app, and you won’t need a subscription for that. If you want up to 60 days of video history, you’ll need the Nest Aware plan. Otherwise, Google will offer three hours of free event video history. Of course, if Wi-Fi is interrupted, up to an hour of event logs will be stored on the device itself.

There is a two-way audio function, so you can chat with house guests if you are not at home. In the event of an unwanted visitor, if you’re a Nest Aware member using a tablet instead of a phone, you can contact emergency services directly from the Google Home app. You’ll also be able to watch live video feeds on compatible smart displays and smart TVs.

Nest Aware subscribers can receive notifications when familiar faces are recognized. There’s also an option to set home and away modes so the camera won’t record video when you’re at home.

Elsewhere, the Outdoor Nest Cam with Floodlight is also on sale. There is this That’s just $10 more than the lowest price we’ve seen so far.

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