Finally, someone used Pareto’s economic theories to find the best Mario Kart 8 racer

There are those who don’t spend sleepless nights wondering what might happen if we applied the theories of Vilfredo Pareto (an Italian economist of the early 20th century) to Italian high-jump champion and part-timer Mario of the Mushroom Kingdom. elephant cosplayer? Data scientist Antoine Mayerowitz, PhDsolved that age-old question, and the resulting work provides us with an objective way to explain what is best Mario kart 8 racer combinations. Hint: It’s sure hell Not Koopa Troopa.

When you break down the setup options (including driver stats and various car details). Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there are over 700,000 possible combinations. Yes. But after eliminating duplicates that differ only in appearance, you can narrow it down to “only” 25,704 possibilities. How do you narrow it down to find the best racer out there? Enter Mr. Pareto.

Pareto’s theories, esp Pareto front, help navigate the complexities of our choice. They can determine the most balanced strengths and solutions with the fewest trade-offs. Pareto’s work is about efficiency and effectiveness. We are talking now.

Mario in his Tanooki (raccoon) suit, jumps in the air and sticks his ass out of his striped off-roader.Mario in his Tanooki (raccoon) suit, jumps in the air and sticks his ass out of his striped off-roader.


When choosing a Mario Kart racer, you should consider their stats for speed, acceleration, handling, weight, off-road, and mini turbo. There is a lot to draw.

Even if you decide speed and acceleration are most important, you still run into imbalances. For example, it’s tempting to speed everything up (like Bowser or Wario), but they have poor acceleration. However, if you opt for acceleration instead (like Baby Mario or Dry Bones), you may end up with nasty top speed spikes.

Meanwhile, some racers always dominate the most important stats, meaning their speed and speed balance consistently lag. Koopa is an example of this, so don’t pick him if you’re going to win. (But you can totally pick it because it has cute bug eyes and a delicate shell.)

Racing on a neon track in Mario Kart.Racing on a neon track in Mario Kart.


Mayerowitz’s Pareto preliminary analysis allows you to narrow down your options to the 14 most efficient. And it turns out that the best players in the game have achieved something: One of the most ideally balanced combinations of speed, acceleration and mini-turbo Cat Peach rides a Teddy Buggy with roller wheels and a cloud glider – one already prevails Mario kart 8 competitors.

Of course, if this combination isn’t your cup of tea, there are others that allow you to stay within the optimal range of the Pareto front. whom Eurogamer notes, Donkey Kong, Wario (my old standby, mostly because it makes me laugh), and Princess Peach are often highlighted as drivers, and you can use Mayerowitz’s data fields to find the best-matching vehicles. Note that others have the same stats, so racers like Villager (female), Inkling Girl, and Diddy Kong are only separated by appearances.

You can to find your ideal racer Visit Mayerowitz’s website. There, you can enter your most valuable stats and see the combinations that give you the best balance (highlighted in yellow) according to Pareto’s theories.

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