DJI’s new backup battery can power small appliances, charge your drone

DJI is entering the portable power station market in the US and Europe Power 1000 and Power 500 intended for home users or road warriors. The devices (launched in China late last year) can be used to power small appliances or charge devices such as laptops or drones, and can work with solar panels to provide power on the go.

The Power 1000 (13kg or 29lbs) has a capacity of 1024Wh and can output up to 2200W – enough to run a home microwave for about 1.3 hours and a car fridge for 19 hours, or charge a drone up to 12 times enough. The Power 500 (7.3 kg or 16.3 lbs) provides 512 Wh of capacity and 1000 W of output for half the price.

DJI's new spare battery can power small devices and charge your drone DJI's new spare battery can power small devices and charge your drone


The larger version supports 1200W fast charging or 600W standard charging (540W and 270W for the smaller version). Both can be charged to 100 percent battery in 70 minutes, or 50 minutes to 80 percent fast. As well as standard AC plugs, both have a pair of USB-C PD output ports that support 140W/100W charging for Power 1000/Power 500 – more than enough for most laptops.

The market is quite saturated with such devices (Jackery, Bluetti, anchor, others), but DJI touts it as an ideal way to charge its drones and other products. Released in China Decemberit was already available in the US on Amazon and elsewhere gray market.

The Power 1000 it’s now on sale at the DJI store for $1,000 Power 500 It costs $500. You can add a 120W Zignes solar panel for $299. For the latter, you’ll need DJI’s Power Solar Panel Adapter Module or DJI Power Car Power Outlet to SDC Power Cable.

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