Quicken Simplifi subscriptions are half off through April 21

Subscriptions to Quicken Simple budgeting software . The price has been reduced to just $2 per month, which works out to $24 annually. The deal also extends to Quicken Classic, which adds additional features for tracking investments and taxes. This tier now costs $4 per month instead of $8 per month. It is also calculated annually.

Speed ​​it up

Quicken Simplify is the budget software to beat almost all budget software. After all, there’s a reason why it’s at the top of our list and our collection . We’ve consistently praised the user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to get started and keep track of everything. Users can view top-level balances, net worth, recent expenses, upcoming recurring payments, and more. they get instant access to various metrics like

We also offer personalized savings goals and more. We loved how simple (pun intended) it was to set up. The UI is clean but offers playful visualizations to keep things interesting. Integrates with most financial institutions, including Fidelity. Users can also invite a spouse or financial manager to co-manage the account.

There’s no integration with Zillow, so people can’t track home value fluctuations, something that competing apps like Monarch Money and Copilot Money offer. This requires manual entry of real estate information like any other asset. We also encountered some minor bugs during use, where the app misclassified some costs, although this was consistent with other products we tested. There’s no option for a free trial, so $2 a month is as close as it gets. If things don’t work out, don’t forget to cancel before the end of the year.

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