Is the new Zephyrus G16 any good?

ASUS has it . There’s a new OLED display with a 240HZ refresh rate and a full-size SD card reader for transferring files. But since ASUS is positioning this as a laptop for media producers and gamers, we need to know if its promises live up to its power. If you’re as curious as I am, you should read Sam Rutherford’s review to find out for yourself.

– Dan Cooper

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They’re called euphemisms, Elon.

Basketball player Klay Thompson had a tough time in a game, which caused X users to say that he was “throwing a brick”. It’s a basketball term that means he doesn’t shoot well, but if you don’t know that, don’t worry too much, After reading the messages, he produced a report showing Thompson vandalizing homes in Sacramento.

Sony goes back to the 19th century.

Sony has always been capable of making great products, but never quite mastered the art of naming them. For example, it makes the best wireless headphones on the market today, but saddles them with the name WH-1000XM5. And now, including renaming the headphone range to Wear.

The loosening of regulations that Apple allowed on the App Store saw the arrival of Delta. . Given its long-standing feud with game emulators and its easy removal of Yuzu, it won’t be long before Nintendo’s lawyers come up with a stack of cease-and-desist letters.

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