Apple renews For All Mankind and announces a spinoff series set in the Soviet Union

For All Humanity Space-based alternate history hijinks on Apple TV+. This is surprising news given the near-universal critical acclaim . However, the company also announced a surprise spinoff series Star City It will follow Russia’s space program.

Original series creators Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi Star City, although there are no actors yet. The plot synopsis calls it a “robust expansion” of the universe and calls it “a creeping, paranoid thriller.” It also takes viewers back to the events of season one For All Humanityin the chronicle of Russia’s moon landing that kicks off the story.

“This time we delve behind the Iron Curtain into the lives of the astronauts, engineers and explorers involved in the Soviet space program and the risks they all took to advance humanity,” Apple said. in a press release.

The company did not say whether the show would rely on frequent time jumps like its predecessor. To that end, Apple has not released any casting information for season five For All Humanity. Given the show’s penchant for extensive time jumps, it’s highly likely that the likes of Joel Kinnaman and Krys Marshall will appear as series regulars. After all, their characters really matured with age and gained credibility in season four.

Joel Kinnaman looks old in a spaceship. Joel Kinnaman looks old in a spaceship.

Apple TV+

That’s seriously good news for sci-fi fans, but it still doesn’t take away from its brutal sting. . Paramount should probably sell Star Trek to Apple, .

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