There’s a TV show coming based on Sega’s classic arcade game Golden Axe

Comedy Central has greenlit an animated film based on the classic Sega arcade cabinet Golden Axe, further proving that we’re in the golden age of video game adaptations. The animated show consists of ten episodes and features a voice cast full of comedians such as Danny Pudi. Community and Carl Tart Great Crew (RIP) and Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast universe.

It also stars Matthew Rhys Americans and Perry Mason, and comedian Lisa Gilroy. The pilot was written by Mike McMahon Star Trek: The Lower Decks and Solar contradictionsand Joe Chandler, regular writer American Dad. Chandler serves as showrunner and McMahon serves as executive producer. Interestingly, several big Sega names are also involved in the show, including Haruki Satomi, Shuki Utsumi, and Toru Nakahara, the latter largely responsible for running the Sonic the Hedgehog cinematic universe.

Since these old arcade cabinets don’t have much of a story, the plot seems suitably crazy. The show bills itself as a “hilarious and loving homage to Sega’s 1989 video game series” and follows several warriors as they try to save the kingdom from franchise antagonist Death Adder. It takes a deep dive into the franchise, as one of the characters is a panther/human hybrid animal. Golden Ax III. Comedy Central promises “lots of interesting cameos” from the fictional world. There is no release date yet and the show is still in the scripting stage. The animation takes a long time, so hold your horses.

We’ve really gone from zero to sixty when it comes to game adaptations, haven’t we? We’ve had shows over the past year Our last, Fallout, Twisted Metal and more. There’s also a little-known film about two Italian plumbers who may or may not have been there burned the cash register. A TV show based on another Sega property, Knuckles, It will premiere on April 26 on Paramount+.

As for Golden Axe, there hasn’t been a franchise fee since 2008, though that’s about to change. Sega recently announced that it restarts the propertyalong with other classics like Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio.

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