Nintendo emulator Delta hits the iOS App Store, no sideloading required

It wasn’t long before Apple started allowing it . We have already seen a remarkable controversy after the company from the showcase. It turns out that the iGBA that topped the download charts was a near carbon copy of another emulator submitted for review.

GBA4iOS developer Riley Testut claimed that the iGBA was “a knock-off of GBA4iOS”, full of ads and trackers. Apparently, Testut’s Delta app, the successor to GBA4iOS, is now available for free on the App Store.

The original emulator created some buzz a decade ago after Testut found a way for iPhone users without . Apple finally and of course it was Nintendo . However, you can now download Delta for free from the App Store directly without worrying about sideloading.

In addition to GBA titles, the software supports NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo DS games with the promise of more platforms to come. The app supports quick saves, cheat codes, and data synchronization between devices using third-party controllers, as well as Google Drive or Dropbox. There’s even local multiplayer for up to four players, though you’ll want to use an iPad or mirror your phone to your TV in that case.

It will be necessary you want to play on emulator. You’ll need it to stay on the right side of the law to ROM files.

iPhone and iPad users Outside the EU You can buy Delta directly from the App Store, the process is a little different for those who live on the block. Testut is also behind A third-party software marketplace called AltStoreWhich iPhone users in the EU can now do more

AltStore PAL is an open-source marketplace, a clipboard manager developed by Delta, as well as another program called Clip, developed by Testut. A small donation of at least one Euro is required to use the latter. Testut noted that he and business partner Shane Gill plan to open up AltStore PAL to other third-party applications once they are confident everything is working properly.

However, AltStore costs PAL users €1.50 per year. It covers Core Technology Fee Apple charges for each app market download as well as payment processing. Alternatively, you can use an earlier version of AltStore, but you still have to use a computer to sideload apps and update them once a week.

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