Rode’s $90 MagSafe mount lets you attach pro lights and mics to your iPhone

Modern iPhone cameras are extremely capable video recorders, but they usually require accessories like lights and microphones to get professional results. Audio transmitter manufacturer Rode has announced a pair of gadgets designed to simplify this process, so broadcasters don’t have to set up a cumbersome rig in a computer room or haul it out into the open.

Rode Magnetic Mount it is just as it sounds. It’s a MagSafe mount with a pair of connection points for accessories like the aforementioned lights and microphones. There are two adjustable cold shoe arms that allow people to use the phone in portrait or landscape mode. For the uninitiated, “cold shoe” refers to metal junction brackets without power, while “hot shoe” refers to metal junction brackets with electronic contacts.

It’s not just for iPhones, as any smartphone squeezed into a MagSafe-compatible case should work. The Rode Magnetic Mount is made of high-grade aluminum, so it’s more expensive than the endless barrage of similar products on Amazon. Costs 90 dollars and starts shipping on April 24th.

A man using a device.A man using a device.


Also drove Phone Cage announced, which promises to “turn your smartphone into a professional video capture device.” It’s basically a beefier version of the aforementioned accessory, keeping the phone safe and snug in the cage with five cold shoe mounts to attach anything a budding filmmaker might need.

To this end, the mounts come with a range of thread sizes for attaching accessories such as tripods and grips. There are also cable management slots, as five accessories can mean five cables spinning around and threatening to ruin that perfect shot. Again, this is for MagSafe models starting with the iPhone 12. It will also work with another brand of smartphone inside a MagSafe compatible case. The phone cage starts shipping on April 24 and costs $120.

Recently drove bought a rival audio transmission company Mackie announced a renewed effort to design and release products for content creators. It looks like these montages are part of that push. The company also recently launched new dual receiver wireless lapel microphone for multi-microphone setups.

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