Disney+ may add cable-style streaming channels focused on Marvel and Star Wars

reportedly plans to add linear cable-style streaming channels . according to , the company wants subscribers to spend more time in the app, and by offering more viewing options, it can entice users to stay. In addition, by airing advertisements on these channels, Disney can increase its profits.

There are already a number of free, ad-supported streaming (FAST) services such as Roku, Pluto TV and Tubi. Last year, Warner Bros. Discovery brought FAST channels Roku and Tubi. Disney itself has some FAST channels on ABC.com, including ones dedicated to them General Hospital and 20/20. However, none of these are in the subscription service.

The report suggests that Disney could offer channels based on tentpole franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel, along with others that feature animated films from Pixar. Many people have FAST channels as background noise while cleaning, and given the high brand affinity for Disney, it makes sense for the company to investigate.

Outside of Marvel and Star Wars, the Disney line has plenty of shows and movies to stream. There is absolutely a market for a channel that shows the show 24/7. There is probably an audience that wants to be there Boy Meets World or Scrubs they appear in the background as they go about their day, and of course Disney has a huge library of animated children’s shows in its closet. A channel seems like a no brainer.

Disney is trying to make Disney+ a one-stop shop for consumers. Recently and the sports network reportedly plans to do something similar with ESPN when it becomes an independent streaming service . Adding linear streaming channels to the mix could help draw Disney’s eyeballs away from Roku and Pluto TV.

Another major streaming platform has also explored different strategies, according to the report. At one point, Netflix is ​​said to be considering offering the option to subscribe to and watch other streaming services within its app, similar to what it does with Amazon Prime Video Channels. Information notes that while Netflix hasn’t pushed for this plan, it hasn’t ruled it out as the company tries to get users to spend more time on its app.

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