Google Pixel 9 phones might have emergency satellite messaging

It often feels like we live in a completely connected world, but anyone caught without a signal in a moment of need can tell you that’s far from the truth. Instant satellite connection is the solution to this problem and one is the Google Pixel 9 series and the new generation Google Fold is claimed to offer according to Android AuthorityKamila Wojciechowska. Thanks to the network provider, this feature will be available first to T-Mobile customers. partnership with SpaceX to create satellite messaging. May be available on other networks in the future.

The messaging service allegedly asked users, “What best describes your situation?” will ask questions like and “Is there a gun there?” It is not clear whether this feature will be free for Google Pixel 9 and next-generation Google Fold users. T-Mobile has not confirmed the price of the satellite messaging service in previous announcements.

If the news is true, Google would be following in the footsteps of Apple, which launched its own Emergency SOS satellite function At the end of 2022 iPhone 14 users In countries like USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Great Britain. The tool has since expanded to include countries like the iPhone 15 and beyond Australia and New Zealandwhich are massive desert areas with no mobile communications.

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