Kill the Justice League pulled offline after a bizarre game-beating bug

Rocksteady’s new third-person action shooter Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League taken offline just one hour after launch when players encounter a strange error that instantly crashes the game. We’ve all heard of game-breaking bugs, but this might be the first game-breaking bug. Clearly, gamers want more than three minutes of game time out of a $70 purchase.

The issue immediately removes players from all story missions, including the tutorials, from the race to reach the end credits. It also makes it impossible to buy trophies and achievements, although most buyers will probably be hung up on the whole “the game is basically unplayable” aspect. Still, if you’re looking for an easy mode to beat all easy modes, this is it. We could use this bug Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or Kobokbasi.

There is one major caveat that saves this from becoming a comparable big story launched disastrously Cyberpunk 2099, and many other recent AAA releases. The game isn’t officially released until February 2nd in most countries around the world. Some areas will get it tomorrow, January 30th, and that’s where the bug starts. By the magic of global time zones, it’s already January 30th in New Zealand. is where players run into trouble. However, it’s not that hard to change your Xbox system clock to New Zealand time to close the game early. Don’t do that. Give Rocksteady some time to fix the problem.

To that end, the developer says they’re working on a fix that involves performing maintenance on the servers. Rocksteady urges patience, writing that it could take “a few hours” before it’s resolved. The game will remain offline during this time. In any case, the ship should right itself before February 2nd.

Looking for a silver lining? Because of how the bug skips the vast majority of the game, the risk of story spoilers for the next few days is really low. So go ahead. Hit your favorite social media sites and message boards.

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