Google One is shutting down its VPN feature later this year

If you—probably one of the few people—use the VPN service that comes with Google One, we’ve got bad news for you. one e-mail If you haven’t already, you will from Google, which has revealed that it’s phasing out the bonus later this year. The company introduced Google One’s VPN feature in 2020, but you can only access it if you pay for a plan with at least 2TB of storage, which costs at least $10 per month. Last year the company expanded Its availability on all One plans, including the $2/month basic option, makes it more affordable than ever.

You can currently access One’s VPN service if you’re in one of the 22 countries where it’s active, whether you’re on iOS or Android. You can also use it to mask your internet usage On a Mac or Windows computer. While Google didn’t say when it would completely shut down its VPN service, it did 9 to 5 Google It’s deprecating the feature because “people just weren’t using it.” Instead of trying to drum up interest, it’s diverting its resources to support other and more in-demand One features. However, on One Pixel 7 devices and newer models, you’ll still be able to use the free VPN that comes with Pixel devices even after it’s locked down via the Settings app.

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