Gemini will be accessible in the side panel on Google apps like Gmail and Docs

Google does adds AI automation powered by Gemini for more tasks in Workspace. At the Google I/O keynote on Tuesday, the company said it is developing Gemini 1.5 Pro Soon, Workspace will be available in the sidebar as the connective tissue between AI-powered workflows and multiple apps, as AI gets smarter, learns more about you, and automates more of your workflow.

Gemini’s work in Workspace is to save you the time and effort of digging through files, emails, and other data from multiple applications. “The Gemini workspace will continue to open up new ways to get things done,” Aparna Pappu, vice president of Google Workspace, said at the event.

Coming to Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive, the updated Workspace sidebar will let you chat with Gemini about your content. Its longer context window (mainly its memory) allows it to organize, understand, and contextualize your data across different programs without leaving the program you’re in. This includes comparing, summarizing (and answering questions back and forth) receipt attachments. about) to highlight key points from long email threads or meeting notes.

Workspace slideWorkspace slide


Another example Google provided was planning a family reunion when your grandma asks for hotel information. With the Workspace sidebar, you can ask “What is the hotel name and sales manager email mentioned in @Family Reunion 2024?” question, you can ask Gemini to find a Google Doc with the reservation information. Google says it will find the document and get back to you quickly. This will allow you to include it in your answer, saving you time faking human authenticity for poor grandma.

Email-based changes are also coming to the Gmail mobile app. “Gemini will soon be able to analyze email threads and provide a summarized view with highlights right in the Gmail app, just like in the sidebar,” the company said.

Integration in the Gmail app is coming to Workspace Labs this month. Meanwhile, an improved Workspace sidebar will arrive on Tuesday for users of Workspace Labs and Gemini for Workspace Alpha. Google says all the features will arrive next month for remaining Workspace customers and Google One AI Premium users.

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