Uber makes its safety tools easier to access and customize

Many women who use rideshare services regularly send details of their trips to loved ones and take other precautions, especially at night. now, Uber brings all security tools together, making them easy to access and allowing users to customize them to run automatically. In the app’s new safety options section, passengers can schedule when the safety tools will be automatically activated, whether it’s after 9pm, on weekends or only for rides that start within 50 meters of a bar or restaurant. They can also ensure that Uber’s safety features are activated on every trip they take, if they wish.

This is one of the tools that passengers can activate on the new portal voice recording, which the company introduced some time ago. Uber assures users that these records are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone, not even the company. However, if something happens during the trip, passengers can choose to report the incident and share the recording with Uber for proof. Users can also enable PIN verification to make sure they’re getting into the right car, as well RideCheck, which helps Uber detect when a ride veers off course or stops unexpectedly. Finally, there is Share my journeyallows passengers to automatically share their live location and travel information with trusted contacts.

Currently, the new security options page is only available in the US, Canada, and Latin American countries, but the company plans to expand its availability to more regions. To access the new portal, users can go to Settings and find a link to it, or while on the go, tap the blue Security Toolkit shield and then tap “Install security options.”

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