How to watch The Triple-i Initiative indie game showcase at 1PM ET

Summer Play Fest There are still a few months as important events Ubisoft and Xbox. But you won’t have to wait that long for a smorgasbord of game announcements. Many notable names in the indie gaming space have come together to host the first showcase from The Triple-i Initiative.

The broadcast will start on April 10 at 13:00 and will last about 45 minutes. You will be able to watch it above or in addition YouTube, Twitch, known or Steam. The showcase will include world premieres, exclusive gameplay previews, demo announcements and sales details.

Organizers promise more than 30 announcements with “hosting segments, advertising, sponsorships, fluff, just games,” according to Benjamin Laulan, COO. Dead cells developer Evil Empire. That studio came up with the idea for The Triple-i Initiative (a riff on AAA, Triple-i, a sign of high-budget, high-profile games) a few months ago.

A group of outstanding developers joined the team. Red Hook them (The darkest dungeon), Mega Crete Games (Kill the Spire), Poncle (Vampire survivors), Thunder Lotus (Spiritist), Re-Logic (Terraria), Very Good Games (Celeste) and Heart Machine (Hyper Light Breaker). In other words, there are studios behind many of the biggest indie games of the past few years, so this will be a showcase worth paying attention to.

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