X makes passkey logins available to iOS users worldwide

There is an X expanded support for toggle switch and has made this option available to users worldwide as long as they log into the app on their iPhone. The social media company was formerly known as Twitter enabled toggle switch support For iOS users in the US in January. Now the X Safety account has confirmed its global rollout, giving more people the option to use the login alternative.

Passkeys are considered more secure than passwords because they are not vulnerable to phishing or social engineering schemes and are resistant to access theft. When users enable and set up passkey access, they generate a key pair that will serve as a digital authentication credential. A service that offers a sign-in option only has access to one of those keys, which it then needs to pair with another key stored locally on the user’s device to verify its identity. The user only needs to verify that he/she is the person logged into his/her account through biometric credentials or device password.

To enable passkeys on X, users must launch the iOS app and then go to Settings & privacy under Your Account. In the “Security and account access” section, they can find Passkey under “Additional password protection”. Unfortunately, X hasn’t said if and when this option will be available to Android users.

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