Sarah Huckabee Sanders stumbles trying to spin Trump’s terror hypocrisy

Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to defend her boss the only way she knew how, by spinning the already confusing things he said and lied about to create an even more confusing mess.

In the wake of the first terrorist attack in Manhattan since 9/11, President Donald Trump has launched a campaign to politicize the tragic deaths of eight people in favor of tougher immigration policies. Trump separated The Diversity Visa lottery program, under which terrorist suspect Sayfullo Saipov became a legal resident of the United States in 2010, on Tuesday.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, it was Sanders’ job to try to make sense of the political response to the tragedy in late October, after Trump refused to “politicize the tragedy” after a gunman opened fire on a Las Vegas concert on the first day of the month. . All the White House press secretary could do was confuse the press about what Trump said.

The White House press secretary later tried to justify Trump’s position on the Diversity Visa lottery by claiming that the program had “no vetting system.”

Debunking Trump’s tweets and off-the-cuff statements is the most difficult task in Washington, but Sanders began completely misrepresenting his boss to protect him from negative press.

As even Republican Sen. Jeff Flake pointed out, Schumer was actually part of the Gang of Eight trying to overturn the visa application.

Sanders also got the basics down on Trump’s proposed bug-fixing program.

“Having a lottery system that randomly decides who gets the greatest opportunity in the world… And giving it randomly, no verification system, no way to determine who’s coming, why they’re here. , and it’s a challenge if they want to contribute to society,” he said.

But as reporters in the room pointed out, an immigrant selected through a lottery program is subject to judicial review. Department of State. When Sanders wasn’t lying about Trump’s misguided beliefs on immigration on Wednesday, he was refusing to condemn slavery.

And he continued the White House tradition of crying to the press:

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