Apple allows game emulators on the App Store

It was noted by Apple in its latest update to the App Store developer guidelines for iPhones and iPads 9-5MacHe says he will allow it game console emulators – and even downloadable games.

Apple warns developers, however, that they are “responsible for all such applications offered [their] including ensuring that the software complies with these Guidelines and all applicable laws. So don’t wait to play Super Mario, Spyro, or the third series of games starting with the letter ‘S’.

In the meantime, we’ve got a guide to follow (and take notes). total eclipse in North America today. The best chance for good viewing along the eclipse’s path of totality is still in parts of the northeastern United States (Buffalo, NY, Burlington, VT) and southeastern Canada (Niagara Falls and Montreal).

– Matt Smith

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If so, they are infringing the copyright of YouTube creators.

OpenAI and Google have trained their AI models using text transcribed from YouTube videos to potentially infringe creators’ copyrights. The New York Times. The report focuses on how OpenAI, Google and Meta are trying to maximize the data they can feed into their AI, citing multiple people with knowledge of the companies’ practices.

Not that these companies rely on auto-generated (hit-and-run) auto-transcriptions provided by YouTube itself. OpenAI reportedly used its Whisper speech recognition tool to transcribe more than a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4. The report claims that people at Google knew but didn’t act — because Google was doing the same thing to train its AI models. Google said NYT it only uses video content from creators who agree with it.

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Musk announced this in X.

Hours later Reuters Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company will unveil its robotax on August 8, following a report that the automaker has abandoned plans to produce a low-cost EV. robotaxis is built on the company’s small car platform.

In response to the report, the Tesla chief tweeted, “Reuters lies (again).” Given his confirmation of Robotaxi’s plans, he could be implying that the more affordable Tesla EV is still on the table, at least for now.

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Three companies compete.



Three companies are proposing lunar vehicle designs to support NASA’s upcoming Artemis missions. The space agency announced this week that it has selected Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost and Venturi Astrolab to develop lunar terrain vehicles (LTVs) in a feasibility study over the next year. The LTV should function as both a manned and unmanned vehicle, sometimes serving as a mode of transport for astronauts and at other times as a remotely piloted explorer. NASA says it will contract the selected vehicle for lunar service by 2039. Take a look at the options.

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