Apple brings Spatial Persona avatars to Vision Pro to help you feel less alone

Apple does Vision Pro It’s gotten a little more social with the introduction of Spatial Personas, which take those avatars out of their limited windows and place them next to you in virtual space. The goal is to make collaboration and entertainment feel more natural in Vision Pro — you can work on presentations together, watch movies over SharePlay, or play games as if your friends were right next to you. The feature works with five participants and will be available today to anyone with Vision Pro running visionOS 1.1 or later.

There is meta Horizon has tackled virtual collaboration in the same way as Workroomsbut Apple’s app reminds me more Microsoft Mesh, which allows me to interact with virtual companions in AR using HoloLens 2. Like the Vision Pro itself, Spatial Personals looks a bit sleeker than Microsoft’s 2021 tech. You can turn them on or off at any time from within a FaceTime call, and Apple says anyone will be able to adjust the content to their liking without affecting how their virtual friends see it.

I found Apple to be a bit creepy and robotic during Personas my Vision Pro review, the company is constantly improving them to better capture different facial expressions and hairstyles. When you’re stuck in the FaceTime window, Personals is a subpar replacement for actually seeing your friends’ faces. But they can be more helpful if they can show that your faraway friends are actually sitting next to you.

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