Facebook finally adds video controls like a slide bar

The frenzy surrounding Facebook Live may be a thing of the past, but Meta is still trying to adapt the platform to video. The company announced new video player To display reels, longer content and Live videos equally in the Facebook app.

One of the biggest changes is all of this Facebook videos it will now appear in full screen, even in landscape orientation. Videos will automatically play vertically, but you can now turn your phone sideways to watch the most horizontal content on your entire device.

Like many videos on TikTok, Facebook will now offer a slider at the bottom of the screen, which will allow you to move quickly through the video. The update also brings the same features that streamers like Netflix offer in their apps, such as the option to skip forward or back 10 seconds. Meta claims that you will now receive “more relevant video recommendations” video icon and all lengths that appear in your feed. The company will also increase the number of Reels shown on Facebook.

The video player is now available for Android and iOS users in the US and Canada, with new controls rolling out over the next few weeks. The entire update should be available globally in the coming months.

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