Instagram is testing ‘flipside,’ a finsta feature that already kind of exists

Instagram is testing yet another feature to give users an alternative to fininstall. It’s called “flipside” and allows people to create a secondary network of photos that only designated friends can see.

If this sounds a little familiar, it’s probably because Instagram makes it so easy for users to create posts aimed at a more limited audience. The app added the ability for users to share grid posts in November (Stories for Close Friends are a thing since 2018). Recently tested For Stories, so users can create multiple lists for small group sharing. The app, of course, makes creating quite easy as well .

The flipside, somewhat confusingly, offers another way to do essentially the same thing. Users create a separate friend list as opposed to “close friends” to add their own “flipside”. They can then choose to post to their main network or “flipside” which is also accessible from their profile but only visible to the friend list mentioned above. According to screenshots shared on Threads, people will know if someone has flipside access if they see a wrench icon on someone’s network. (You can see a video Works on Threads.)

Apparently, even the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, understands that this is a bit unnecessary. “On the one hand, it feels good to create a clear space that feels more personal,” he said In a post on Threads. “On the other hand, it’s another way to reach a smaller audience through secondary accounts and Close Friends.”

He added that “we’re not even sure we’re going to launch it,” which may explain why the company has been relatively quiet about the test. The Flipside was first seen in December, but was an internal prototype at the time. TechCrunch. However, it has now started appearing for actual users of from him on topics over the last day.

Initial reactions seem to be mixed, with some eager to update and others wondering why on earth they need another social media profile to maintain. Others, understandably, seem confused.

Finstas (sometimes ) has been reviled, Meta’s recent obsession with creating “more private” spaces on Instagram is likely more than just adding convenience. Mosseri Over the past few years, many Instagram users have simply as before, especially in their baits. For an app that relies on advertising — much of it in users’ feeds — it’s less than ideal. So it’s no surprise that Instagram is looking for new ways to get people to spend more time posting and scrolling through their feed.

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