More YouTube creators are now making money from Shorts, the company’s TikTok competitor

YouTube’s TikTok competitor Shorts is becoming a more important part of the company’s monetization program. The company released information about this A quarter of channels in the Partner Program now monetize short form videos.

The milestone comes just over a year after YouTube Ad revenue with creators making shorts. YouTube says it currently has more than 3 million creators worldwide in its Partner Program, which means the number of Shorts creators monetizing the platform is in the hundreds of thousands.

Because the ads in the shorts appear between clips in the feed, there is revenue sharing for the Shorts Compared to longer content on YouTube. Advertising revenue is pooled and divided among eligible creators based on factors such as views and music licensing. The company said this arrangement is more profitable for individuals than the traditional one .

For now, it’s unclear how much creators earn from Shorts compared to the platform’s other monetization programs. YouTube declined to share details, but said the company has paid creators $70 billion over the past three years.

In the coming months, the speed of shorts may increase even more. TikTok is trying to compete more directly with YouTube by encouraging itself faces a non-zero chance that its application can in the United States. Although this outcome is not certain, YouTube will almost certainly attract former TikTok users and creators.

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