Vizio just announced a $999 86-inch 4K TV

Walmart ag would have to sell a kidney to buy a giant 4K TV for the living room. This is no longer true as television prices continue to decline. Case in point? Vizio just announced an 86-inch 4K smart TV that costs just $999.

The first thing worth noting about the latest member of Vizio’s 4K TV lineup is its size. The next largest model is 75 inches, which is large enough to completely occupy most spaces. It will be like having a Times Square billboard in your living room. That’s not a bad thing, especially for home theater enthusiasts.

We don’t yet know how this suite will work, but it offers a serious set of features. Vizio says it has “the same powerful picture quality as its predecessors” thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+. The company also promises that once you switch to 1080p, the TV can run games at 120fps. We hope that the product can be here . Other features include dual-band Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and DTS:X audio.

Walmart agreed , although the deal still faces regulatory approval. The 86-inch 4K TV officially launches on April 29th at both brick-and-mortar and digital retailers.

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