Samsung is throwing in a free 65-inch 4K TV when you pre-order one of its new 2024 TVs

Samsung announced pricing and availability details Thursday for 2024 television and unveiled a deal unique enough to attract pre-orders: If you order is one of the latest sets between now and April 11th, it’ll be giving away a bonus 65-inch 4K TV at no extra cost. The offer applies to the company’s new OLED TVs S90D and S95D)4K LED TVs ( QN85D and QN90D), 8K LED TVs ( QN800D and QN900D) and Frame TVs. Available at several retailers including Samsung.comthough you can get an extra $100 off each set if you’re a Prime member or on Amazon Best Buy if you subscribe to that store’s My Best Buy Plus service. In the former case, the contract comes as part of the retail space Big Spring Sale event.


Samsung is offering a 65-inch 4K TV when you pre-order one of its new 2024 TVs by April 11. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’ll see an additional $100 off at checkout.

$1,498 at Amazon

As for what’s new about these kits, Samsung says uses the high-end S95D OLED TV anti-glare technology stand out better in brightly lit rooms, while the lowered S90D can reach higher brightness levels than last year’s model. The aesthetically oriented Frame TV can now drop to a lower 60Hz refresh rate to save power when displaying artwork, and the QN90D has an updated processor. While most people won’t need to shell out for an 8K TV, both the QN800D and the top-of-the-line QN900D promise a few AI-based upscaling and motion-enhancing features.

This is an attractive promo, but there are some caveats to keep in mind before purchasing. The bonus TV in question is the Samsung TU690T, an entry-level 2022 model. Although we haven’t tested it ourselves, other reviews say it can’t be too bright and basically provides a basic image. It doesn’t exist a local darkening feature to improve contrast, is limited to a 60Hz refresh rate, and has only two HDMI ports, none HDMI 2.1. As of this writing, it’s the 65-inch model It sells for $480 at Best Buy.

It’s also worth remembering how the TV market price cycle typically works. We’ll have to wait for reviews to see how much of an improvement Samsung’s newest TVs are, but for the most part, they don’t seem to be. massive improvements over last year’s predecessors. The S95D’s anti-glare technology may be the most meaningful change in practice.

Most of these 2023 TVs are still available at significantly lower prices. Great last year S90C OLEDfor example, it’s now going for $1,298, which is $700 less than that 2024 equivalent. New Frame TVs there is exception though now we have seen numerous discounts on last year’s model in recent months. In general, the best times to buy a TV are still the holiday sales period, and now is when new models are introduced and still great old TVs are discounted until they are discontinued.

Introducing last year’s S90C and QN90C TVs game TV buying guideand we have recommended before Frame TV for those who want to trade some picture quality for a more classic design.

All in all, free TV is free TV. If you’re considering getting one of Samsung’s latest models and just want a big screen for, say, the living room or office, this deal should sweeten the pot.

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