The second Final Fantasy XVI DLC, The Rising Tide, will arrive on April 18

it only dropped a few weeks ago, but fans of the series won’t have to wait long to play a new addition to another new entry. rising tide, second paid extension for will arrive on April 18.

It was the release date hour PAX East panelwhere it was announced A rising tide It will cost $20. However, if you haven’t purchased the previous paid DLC, you can get both for $25 with a discounted expansion pass.

A rising tide It will see Clive and his cohorts journey to the secret land of Mysidia. They will “uncover the tragic history of a forgotten people” as they search for the ruler of Leviathan, a long-lost water icon. Whom Echoes of the Fallenthe action takes place before the end of the main game.

As the title and description suggest, you’ll be using a number of water-based attacks, including the “sea spitting snake.” PlayStation Blog also teases that Clive will find another strength in his journey. Meanwhile, the trailer shows the battle with Leviathan taking place on the surface of the lake.

the beaters A rising tide and the base game will gain access to a new end-game mode called Kairos Gate. You’ll fight your way through 20 levels of increasing difficulty, destroying waves of enemies one after another. Through this mode you can earn new materials and weapons for Clive.

On top of all this, Square Enix will be releasing a free update Final Fantasy XVI April 18 includes a series of improvements to the quality of life. First, with the Quick Complete option, you’ll be able to instantly return to the NPC that gave you the task. A Skill Set feature will allow you to save up to five Feats and Skill loadouts. In a positive update for accessibility, you’ll be able to remap the controls as you see fit.

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