Meta is finally rolling out trending topics on Threads

Meta finally gives you some insight into what kinds of conversations are happening on Twitter competitor Threads. Mark Zuckerberg said the service is rolling out the “trending now” feature to all US users

The feature that the company started with in February uses artificial intelligence to highlight several topics “based on what people are currently engaged in.” Trends will appear on the Threads search page and will also appear among posts in users’ For You feeds.

For now, the feature is still quite limited. Topics only shows five trending topics at any given time, which is likely an attempt to keep the list relatively curated and avoid some issues. feature on Twitter, and now X. Meta said it’s hiring human “content experts” to review topics and ensure trends meet the company’s security guidelines.

Again, the official arrival of trends brings a much-requested feature to the app. Until now, users had little way to understand what others were talking about outside of what they could see in their feed. Trends also gives users a way to keep up with some of the news and current events on the platform despite Meta’s news “Promoting” news content on Threads.

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