OpenAI’s week of security issues

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 4th of July was a quiet day for news, but we still have editorials about e-ink, the most overdue video game of all time. more bad news From the makers of ChatGPT.

Earlier this week, engineer and Swift developer Pedro José Pereira Vieito discovered OpenAI’s Mac ChatGPT implementation and discovered that it stores user chats natively in plain text rather than encrypting them. Because this app is only available on OpenAI’s website, and it doesn’t have to comply with Apple’s sandboxing requirements because it’s not available in the App Store. OpenAI has released an update that adds encryption to locally stored chats.

Then came more bad news from the troubles of 2023. Last spring, a hacker obtained information about OpenAI after illegally accessing the company’s internal messaging systems. The New York Times OpenAI technical program manager Leopold Aschenbrenner said the hacker was targeting internal vulnerabilities, raising security concerns.

Aschenbrenner now says he was fired for disclosing information about OpenAI and exposing security concerns. An OpenAI representative told The Times that “while we share his commitment to building secure AGI, we disagree with many of the claims he has made about our work since then,” adding that his speech was not the result of a data leak.

This adds to the impression of how the company’s control is increasingly scattered and experiences it may be behind closed corporate doors.

– Matt Smith

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